How To Deal With COVID-Related Hair Loss?

After a COVID-19 infection, many patients have hair loss. More than 20% of those hospitalized with COVID-19 lose hair 3 to 6 months after discharge. Covid-related hair loss may be far more prevalent, according to other research with people having milder symptoms. Hair loss caused by COVID 19 COVID 19 induces hair loss as a […]

Accepted Overseas Tele-Arts For Pre-Departure Test To Singapore

Travelers to Singapore usually find difficulty in doing their pre-departure test. Nowadays everything becomes easier when remote tele-supervised ARTs by providers based in Singapore are valid for travel into Singapore. What is a pre-departure test? According to Singapore Airline, “Many countries and regions require you to take a Covid-19 Pre-Departure Test (PDT) and present a […]

Post Covid-19 Conditions: What Are The Treatments?

Apart from symptoms during the period of getting Covid-19, patients have to face with a wide range of sequelae after several weeks or even months recovering from it. If post Covid-19 conditions are not recognized on time, they will have incalculable consequences on your health in the long term. What are post Covid-19 conditions? According […]

Essential Dietary Supplements When Getting Covid 19

In addition to Covid 19 treatment measures, enhanced nutritional care is also a key factor in improving physical health, alleviating symptoms, shortening treatment time, and increasing treatment effectiveness. Therefore, patients need to be provided with a healthy diet and dietary supplements, ensuring the variety of necessary nutrients to quickly recover from Covid 19. Symptoms of […]

Supervised ART (Tele-ART): For Pre Event, Pre-Departure & Returning Home Test

Due to the high amount of COVID 19 cases, this results in an increase in Antigen Rapid test (ART) usage. There are currently two types of authorized COVID-19 tests, which are polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and Antigen Rapid Test (Tele-ART). Accordingly, to reduce the risk of infection in public places and facilitate regular self-testing, […]