How to book an online consult with doctors

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How to book a consultation with online doctors

Step 1 Open the MaNaDr For Patient app and go to the homepage.

Step 2 Here at the Homepage, you can click on the “Teleconsult” button to book a consultation

Step 3 At the right bottom corner, press the “ + New Consult” button to request a new consult

Meet doctor online

Step 4 Select a doctor who you want to consult:

If this is the first time you book a consultation, you can read “ How to consult a MaNaDr provider” or “How authorize and capture payment works” for more information

If you had consultations with us before, you can

  • Tap on the button “ Consult a MaNaDr Provider” if you want to talk to a MaNaDr provider; Or

  • You can click on the button “ Find a Provider” to find your doctor by his name, clinics, ..etc;

  • We also list all your trusted doctors in this view, and you can choose one of the doctors to request a teleconsult.


Step 5 Here you need to fill in your patient’s detail such as the reason for consult, pre-existing conditions and drug allergies

Step 6 Add coupon if you have and finish the payment

Step 7 Read carefully before you continue and press “Agree& Request”

Step 8 Wait for the doctor to attend to you


What conditions can be treated by a doctor online

Our doctors are in all specialists such as:

  • Acne, Pimple or Skin Issues
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Pregnancy and Period doubts
  • Dental Health
  • General Physician
  • Sexology

And more.

What should I do if my internet shuts down when I’m in the middle of a consultation?

As long as you are within the consultation time restriction, you will be able to rejoin and enter your video consultation.

Please contact our Care Advisors at +65 97 402 558 or if you have trouble connecting during a teleconsultation.

Step 1 Go to MaNaDr For Patient homepage

Step 2 Press the messenger icon at the bottom bar to see the ongoing consultation with your doctor

Step 3 Here you can cancel your booking if the doctor is yet to accept the consult request

Connect with our top doctors online
If you have any health related issues that you would like to address, please consult our trusted providers.
Consult a MaNaDr Provider