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Have you ever wondered about a health problem but do not know where to ask? Have you ever thought that you need a friend, a place, a community that can help and give you so much useful information?

We have been all there!

What is MaNaForum?

MaNaForum is a space where patients and doctors can discuss various topics, express their opinions on various issues and provide useful information that can assist another person or group in resolving problems or doubts.

MaNaForum connects people and helps bring them together. It is also simple, easy to use, and produces great outcomes. Joining our forum is also a great way to improve your health knowledge.

Purpose of MaNaForum

MaNaForum aims to help Singaporeans proactively manage their lifecare, supplying evidence-based information on a wide range of medical and other topics to patients and health professionals.

You can come here to:

  • Share your experience with others

  • Ask questions and receive solutions from health professionals or other people

  • Share your progress as you explore or develop something so that others can motivate yourselves

Benefits you can get from MaNaForum:

  • Flexibility and convenience

  • Increased interaction time among people

  • Experience a professional communication process.

  • Improve your health knowledge

How to access MaNaForum

Firstly, let MaNaDr know what is your concern by selecting the topics that you are interested in such as COVI-19, healthy food & drink, fitness & exercise, etc.

After selecting topics, you will discover so many related posts, and you can like or comment on them.

The ‘Popular’ tab shows the posts with the total number of likes and comments are sorted from highest to lowest and all MaNaForum topics.

The ‘Following’ tab shows both the newest posts of the topics and the topics you followed. If you skip choosing any topics, the following tab will not show anything.

The ‘Topics’ tab shows all the topics you have joined and other topics if you want to join.

You can make posts to express your concerns about the topic.

Before posting, you can choose to interact as your name or anonymously

You can also leave the topic if it is not what you are interested in anymore.

About us

MaNaDr is your one-stop, secured healthcare platform for connecting your trusted doctors, and for every member of your family and circle of friends. Using MaNaDr, you can consult doctor online and receive care remotely without the need to get out of the house
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If you have any health related issues that you would like to address, please consult our trusted providers.
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