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Traditional Dishes But With The Healthier Version, Why Not?

A healthy lifestyle and focus on nutrition have become integral parts of life for the people of Singapore. Consequently, we suggest various traditional recipes, adapted to be healthier, ensuring they are suitable for everyone while still preserving the unique cultural essence of the festival. Dumpling The shape of dumplings, resembling ancient gold or silver ingots, […]

MaNaDrMar 04, 2024

Rejuvenate Your Health: 8 Activities to Get Back in Shape After Lunar New Year

After indulging in festive feasts and enjoying the spirit of Lunar New Year celebrations, many individuals find themselves wanting to revitalize their health and wellness routines. Whether you’ve indulged in rich foods, skipped workouts, or simply need a reset after the festivities, incorporating specific activities into your routine can help you regain momentum and get […]

MaNaDrMar 01, 2024

Exercise For Overweight Or Obese People With Knee Pain 

Wondering how to exercise with bad knees to lose weight? Whether due to arthritis, injury, or other causes of knee pain, there are still effective exercises. Combining cardio and weight-bearing exercises is key. Optimal choices include stretching, strength training, and low-impact cardio like cycling or swimming.  This article explores exercising with bad knees, addressing weight […]

MaNaDrFeb 29, 2024

Effective Ways To Boost Your Immunity 

Cultivating a strong immune system is an essential component of achieving well-being. To protect the body from infections and illnesses, our immune system—a sophisticated network of cells, tissues, and organs—is essential. Immunity cannot be guaranteed by a miracle medication, but a holistic lifestyle that includes a variety of practices can help strengthen our body’s defenses. […]

MaNaDrFeb 01, 2024

What Is A Low GI Diet?

A diet with a low glycemic index, commonly referred to as a low-GI diet, is structured around the principle of understanding and managing the impact that various foods have on blood sugar levels, also known as blood glucose levels. This dietary approach primarily focuses on utilizing the glycemic index as a key reference for planning […]

MaNaDrJan 30, 2024