Information about Supervised Tele-ART Service
Supervised Tele-ART services are available: 24/7

Supervised Tele-ART Test Pricing

Cost of Supervised ART (Tele-ART) Service: S$11 nett, inclusive of GST. Price does not include medication fees (if required) & you will need to provide your own HSA Approved ART kits.

How to Schedule an Appointment for Supervised Tele-ART Test?

To schedule an appointment for the Supervised Tele-ART Test, contact our customer support team to speak to a customer support officer.

What Can Our Supervised Tele-ART be Used For?

Pre-departure Tests for travelers travelling out of Singapore (Do ensure that your destination country accepts virtually supervised ART results).

Pre-Event Tests (concerts, conferences, going to a club etc...).

Individual with COVID-19 symptoms (additional doctor consultation fee applied).

Things to Prepare Before the Supervised Tele-ART

Ensure that your ART kit is Singapore HSA Approved. Click here to view the list.

Prepare 2 unopened ART kits (extra 1 for backup in case of invalid result).

Prepare both your IC & Passport for verification.

Ensure that you have a stable network connection.

How to Request Supervised Tele-ART Test

  • 1

    Connect to Our App

    Download the “MaNaDr for Patient” app. Create a new account or login to your account.

  • 2

    Consult a Swab Supervisor for Supervised Tele-ART Test

    Provide your personal particulars, Covid-19 ART kit brand and ART kit batch/lot number.

  • 3

    Provide Required Information

    Select your COVID-19 ART kit’s brand and key in the ART kit batch/lot number. Ensure that you have the necessary items prepared before proceeding.

  • 4

    Payment Confirmation

    Choose a payment method and proceed to connect with a certified swab supervisor for your Supervised Tele-ART Test. Ensure that you have all the necessary items ready before proceeding.

  • 5

    During the Supervised Tele-ART

    Follow the supervisor's instructions throughout the video call.

    If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or request to ingest your Covid-19 +ve results (unsure what this last part of the sentence is trying to state). A doctor will be brought in to assess your condition. An additional consultation fee of S$12 nett. nett will be chargeable.

  • 6

    After the Supervised Tele-ART

    Receive your notarized certificate via SMS/Email within 1 hour.. Your results will also be updated in HealthHub & TraceTogether.

Benefits of Supervised Tele-ART Test
time_saving img
Convenient and Quick

Instead of queuing and waiting to take the ART test at a Quick Test Center or in a Clinic, you can do it at your comfort of home to save time and travel cost.

doctor img
Self-Test with Guided Supervision
Through video consultation, our doctors will instruct and guide you step by step to ensure that you carry out your ART Test correctly.
certificate img
Medications & Medical certificates available upon request
Our doctors will be able to issue medications & medical certificates to you if it is required. Doctor’s consultation fee at $12 nett excluding medication.
What Can Our Supervised Tele-ART be Used For?

Pre-departure Tests for travelers travelling out of Singapore

Do ensure that your destination country accepts virtually supervised ART results.

Pre-Event Tests

Concerts, conferences, going to a club etc...

Individual with COVID-19 symptoms

You will be connected with a doctor to assess your condition first before continuing with the supervised Tele-ART Test.

Pre-Event Tests (Cruise)

A professionally Supervised Tele-ART Test is required for all guests and receive a negative result before boarding the ship.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Supervised Tele-ART Test

  • 01

    What is the Supervised Tele-ART service?

    Supervised Tele-ART is a service allowing you to do a self-swab ART test at home under healthcare professional instructions, rather than physically going to a clinic or a Quick Test Center.
  • 02

    Who can use the Supervised Tele-ART service?


    Individuals who require ART test results for pre-event or pre-departure can use the Supervised Tele-ART services.

    Individuals who are down with a cough, cold or runny nose (Acute respiratory symptoms) and worried about a COVID- 19 infection.

    Individuals who are ART positive and require their results to be officially submitted to Ministry of Health (MOH) and have the result reflected in the TraceTogether / HealthHub application.

  • 03

    Why do I need a Virtual Supervised Tele-ART Test and what can I expect?


    If you are having a cough, cold or runny nose(Acute respiratory symptoms) you would properly require to check if you are infected with COVID-19.

    According to the latest guidelines from Ministry of health. It is now allowed to have ART done virtually under a medical practitioner’s supervision without the need to do testing at the clinic.

    Therefore, our doctors would provide consultation and real-time remote supervision to confirm COVID-19 status. We will submit the results so that your status would be documented officially. Medical certificates & medications will also be available upon request.

  • 04

    Can I use Supervised Tele-ART overseas?

    The Supervised Tele-ART service is currently valid only for tests done in Singapore. Certification will not be able to be used overseas unless pre – departure test requirement.
  • 05

    How long does a Supervised Tele-ART consultation take?

    According to our data from past ART Supervision consultation. The consultation could take up to 30 minutes which include testing and consultation.
  • 06

    Can I use my account to book a Supervised Tele-ART for family members?

    Yes. You will need to add your family members under “Family & Friends” and select their profile when you consult a doctor for the Supervised Tele-ART Test.
  • 07

    How will I receive my medical certificate?

    Yes. You can request your doctor for a certified medical certificate. The Medical certificate will be retrievable in the MaNaDr app.
  • 08

    If my ART result is positive, what should I do?


    First, you should self-isolate for at least 72 hours and keep track of your own health. Do consult a doctor if you are not feeling well at any point of time.

    You can self-administer the ART test after 72 hours.

    Result Negative:

    You will be able to proceed with normal activities.

    Result Positive after 72 hours:

    Do rest for another day and test again till your result is negative or you will be able to exit isolation on Day 7 (1200hrs) for vaccinated personnel or Day 14 for unvaccinated personnel.

  • 09

    If my ART result is invalid, what should I do?


    Follow your doctor's instructions to have the ART supervision test done again when you get an invalid result.

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