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[Press Release] We CARE For Our Patients

We CARE for our patients.  In response to the recent article published on 2 July 2023 – titled “Can you get an MC in under 1 minute? CNA tests telemedicine apps to find out”, we would like to address the inaccuracies and present a clearer picture of our services.   As medical professionals, we approach each patient […]

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The Comfort of Home: Exploring Home Nursing in Singapore

For many Singaporeans, the prospect of receiving medical attention in a familiar environment is a welcome alternative to hospitalization.Receiving home nursing care enables individuals to recuperate from an illness, effectively manage chronic conditions, and receive compassionate end-of-life care within the familiar and comforting setting of their own homes, where they can be supported by the […]

Acute Stress Reaction: When Your World Feels Shaken

Life throws curveballs, and sometimes those curveballs hit us hard. An acute stress reaction (ASR) is our body and mind’s natural response to a shocking or terrifying event. It’s like a temporary surge of fight-or-flight mode, designed to help us survive an immediate threat. This intense reaction can be overwhelming, but understanding ASR and its […]

How Much Protein Do I Need: A Guide for Optimal Health

Dietary protein plays a critical role in human health, supporting tissue maintenance and repair, enzyme and hormone production, and satiety. However, determining the optimal protein intake can be challenging due to interindividual variability. This article explores the factors influencing protein requirements and provides guidance for establishing a personalized approach. General Protein Intake Recommendations Factors Influencing […]

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need Each Day?

The age-old question of “how much exercise is enough?” continues to be a topic of discussion. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, current recommendations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggest at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week. This translates to roughly 150 minutes per week, but that’s […]

What Does A 5% Body Fat Loss Can Do For Your Health

Trimming just 5% of your body fat percentage can be a game-changer for your health, offering benefits far beyond fitting into a smaller size. Here’s a deeper dive into how this seemingly modest amount of fat loss can significantly improve your well-being: Enhance Mobility and Reduced Pain Excess weight puts a constant strain on your […]