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If you have a minor illness and are unable to work or school, an online medical certificate will be suitable.

Our team of MaNaDr doctors has successfully issued over 10,000 online medical certificates to date, to workers across all sectors and industries.  The online doctor will take a history via video consultation and make an assessment just as they would in the clinic. Our aim is to remove the hassle from healthcare by providing a safe, affordable, and efficient online doctor service.
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Advantages of getting an online medical certificate with MaNaDr

Authorized by MOH – The digital medical certificates issued by MaNaDr are approved by the Singapore Ministry Of Health. An online medical certificate from one of our doctors is a legal document and contains all the appropriate information you’d expect

Get a full professional assessment from experienced MaNaDr doctors without the hassle of leaving home

Save time – no commuting or queuing – instead, it is a brief video consultation with an online doctor. You can download your medical certificate immediately after the consultation and print it at your convenience

Spend more time resting and recovering – it is called sick leave for a reason. The best place to be is at home, getting better, not waiting at the doctor’s surgery with other sick people.

Stop the spread of infection – using an online doctor can help reduce the spread of infection, especially Coronavirus. You can stay at home, avoid crowded waiting rooms, and keep your germs to yourself.

We open 7 days a week and are available 24/7

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