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Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

MaNaDrAug 25, 2021health tips, Lifestyle

High blood sugar levels occur when your body doesn’t make enough or effectively use insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood glucose. High blood sugar is associated with diabetes. Let us help to lower blood sugar levels naturally and effectively with few useful tips Exercise regularly Regular exercise doesn’t just help you keep your weight …

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Lab Test: What You Need To Know

Have you ever lost, misplaced a blood test result or other lab test results that you had done before? Have you ever forgotten to bring it with you to a doctor’s appointment if it’s required? With MaNaDr, all these kinds of issues will be resolved. No more tedious management of paper results, no more lost …

MaNaDrOct 27, 2021

MaNaForum – Connecting You To Health Professionals

Have you ever wondered about a health problem but do not know where to ask? Have you ever thought that you need a friend, a place, a community that can help and gives you so much useful information? We have been all there! What is MaNaForum? MaNaForum is a space where patients and doctors can …

MaNaDrOct 20, 2021

Get A Teleconsultation With Our Trusted Doctors

With MaNaDr teleconsultation, you do not have to drive to the doctor’s office or clinic, park, walk or sit in a waiting room when you’re sick. Speak to a qualified doctor about medical issues confidentially via video consultation. What is teleconsultation? Teleconsultation Services means the delivery of medical services using interactive audio and visual electronic …

MaNaDrOct 18, 2021

Online Appointment Booking For Your Clinic Visit

With the increase in population and the number of patients visiting hospitals and clinics, patients face many challenges that emerge as long waiting times and poor experiences. What is appointment booking? Appointment booking is an online tool that allows patients to schedule a visit at the nearest clinic from the comfort of their homes, using …

MaNaDrOct 18, 2021

What To Do If You Are Exposed Or Test Positive For COVID-19

New streamlined protocols take effect from 11 Oct 2021 by the Ministry of Health Singapore. Let’s get an overview of the changes and find out what you need to do if you are exposed or test positive for COVID-19. Protocol 1: For individuals who are feeling unwell This info is for individuals who May be …

MaNaDrOct 13, 2021