How To Get An Online Prescription In Singapore

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Are you concerned about the COVID-19 spread? Do you prefer to order prescription drugs in the comfort of your home?

Using MaNaDr, getting an online prescription doesn’t sound like a challenge. We provide online prescriptions released by qualified doctors and deliver the medication directly to your home or office in a short time.

how to get an online prescription
Getting an online prescription on MaNaDr is easy and convenient 

What is an online prescription?

Online prescriptions are electronic prescriptions ordered online and sent directly to your phone and the pharmacy. You only need to sit in the comfort of your own home to receive your medications.

In addition, the drug name, dosage, frequency, and prices are all included in the online prescriptions.

Advantages of getting online prescription

A simple and quick ordering process

Prescription drugs can be ordered quickly and easily through MaNaDr. Especially for those who live far from a traditional pharmacy, the elderly, the disabled, and those who work very hard, MaNaDr is both a very easy and a fast method of obtaining medicine.

Time-saving and completely convenient

You can order your prescription medications in minutes and receive them quickly. All you have to do is wait for the doctor to send you the prescription and then review it before agreeing to order the medication listed.

Efficient delivery

We will deliver medicine right to your doorsteps. You do not have to go to the pharmacy and will not be faced with waiting in line at the pharmacy.

Trusted doctors, trusted pharmacy

All MaNaDr doctors have licenses. For Singaporean doctors, you can verify the status of their license and view their credentials on the Ministry of Health Singapore website at:

Besides that, all pharmacies, which are partners of Manadrs, are licensed retail pharmacies and ensure that all products are from a reliable source.

Skip the waiting room and connect with a doctor for an online prescription, at a time that suits you at MaNaDr

How to get an online prescription

Step 1

Book a teleconsult with a doctor. You can choose which doctor you want to consult and whether you prefer a phone or video call. We have a variety of male and female doctors who can assist you in a variety of languages.

Step 2

Attend your teleconsultation from the comfort of your home and request the doctor for an online prescription after that.

Step 3

The doctor will provide you with an electronic prescription. You’ll see the details of the prescription including the drug name, dosage, frequency, price, and the doctor’s signature.

If some drugs prescribed to you are still in your home cabinet, you can choose not to purchase them.

Step 4

Fill in your home address, proceed next payment steps, and wait for the medicine delivery.

That’s it!

Top questions about online prescription

Can I get a prescription from an online doctor?

Yes, you can get an online script for a prescription quickly and easily by making a teleconsultation with MaNaDr licensed physicians.

Is it possible to get a prescription without consulting a doctor?

No. It isn’t. Legally, you must first consult with a doctor before receiving prescription medication. Using MaNaDr, you can get an online prescription without having to visit a doctor’s office by consulting with an online doctor.

Can I order prescription drugs online?

Yes. You can. To order prescription drugs online, you need to get a medical prescription. Firstly, you need to set up a teleconsultation with our MaNaDr doctors to discuss your symptoms and get a diagnosis.

How much will my online prescription cost?

You will not be charged anything extra for your online prescription. You only need to pay for the doctor’s teleconsultation online.

What kind of medications can online doctors prescribe?

MaNaDr doctors can prescribe most medications online for most ailments. Our doctors can treat anxiety, asthma, sinus infections, flu, diarrhea, back pain, panic attacks, vertigo, and many other conditions.

Book a teleconsult through MaNaDr app to get an online prescription from a doctor
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