How to book a clinic visit

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How to book a clinic visit

Step 1: Open the MaNaDr For Patient app and go to the homepage.

Step 2: Here at the Homepage, you can click on the “Clinic” button to book a clinic visit with our doctor

Step 3: At the right bottom corner, press the “ + New Clinic visit” button to request a new clinic visit

Step 4: Select a clinic you want to visit:

If this is the first time you book a clinic visit on MaNaDr, click “Find a Provider”

If you have booked before, you can tap on the button “ Find a Provider” or choose from our trusted doctors that we recommend below

If you want to find your own doctor, search for his name and select if you want to visit him

When you finish choosing your own doctor, you will see the booking with him

Choose the clinic which is near you or you want to visit, select type of visit and set date & time for your booking

Step 5: Then you need to fill in Clinic Visit Details: Reason for Consult and Payment Method

Step 6: Read Terms & Conditions and Emergency Disclaimer carefully and confirm your booking

Step 7: Add to your calendar to make sure that you will never miss it then you can finish your booking

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