[Press Release] We CARE For Our Patients

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We CARE for our patients. 

In response to the recent article published on 2 July 2023 – titled “Can you get an MC in under 1 minute? CNA tests telemedicine apps to find out”, we would like to address the inaccuracies and present a clearer picture of our services.  

As medical professionals, we approach each patient encounter with a deep sense of care and responsibility, whether they visit our physical clinic or seek our expertise through telemedicine. We acknowledge that every individual has unique and valid reasons, encompassing physical, emotional, or psychological aspects, that drive them to seek medical consultation. 

The article suggests that MaNaDr provides medical certificates (MCs) within a matter of seconds, implying a lack of thoroughness and professionalism. We would like to clarify that MCs are only issued after a consultation with one of our qualified doctors. The consultation duration can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the patient’s medical condition, and other relevant factors. It is important to note that the time taken for a video consultation does not equate to the quality or accuracy of the diagnosis. 

Our consultations are designed to gather comprehensive information from patients through a combination of video and text exchanges. This allows our doctors to have a good grasp of the patient’s condition before the virtual session even begins. Experienced doctors can often glean vital information within seconds or minutes, enabling them to make informed decisions about the severity of the illness and appropriate next steps. 

Furthermore, the issuance of an MC is a professional decision based on the doctor’s clinical assessment, the information provided by the patient, and the doctor’s experience in dealing with the specific condition. The speed at which an MC is issued should never be considered the benchmark for quality care. We prioritize delivering accurate diagnoses, ensuring patient safety, and providing necessary medical support. 

At MaNaDr, our primary focus is to provide holistic, compassionate care to all our patients. We understand the challenges individuals face when they fall ill, and we aim to bring them comfort and warmth through the power of mobile technology and AI. Our goal is to simplify the patient journey and deliver consistent, continuing, and comprehensive quality care. 

Within MaNaDr, we have implemented several features and initiatives to enhance patient care: 

  1. Forward triaging: Through this process, our doctors can effectively allocate healthcare resources to patients requiring urgent attention. By prioritizing urgent cases, we ensure that our limited resources are utilized optimally. For instance, patients with suicidal thoughts may require extensive consultations involving multiple doctors and specialties, with constant monitoring and support. Our efforts have played a significant role in preventing crises. 
  2. Simplification of the patient’s journey: MaNaDr’s app streamlines the entire process, from registration to consultation to issuing medical certificates (MCs), memos, or prescriptions. We have been recognized as the most doctor and patient-friendly app, relieving doctors of administrative burdens and allowing them to focus entirely on patient care.
  3. Robust 24/7 support: Our video consultations serve as the initial touchpoint, but our patients can contact our doctors whenever new symptoms arise or existing ones worsen. Our 24/7 customer service center and care coordinators are readily available to provide support and ensure continuous care. Many patients undergo follow-up reviews with our care coordinators on Day 3. 
  4. Care beyond teleconsultations: When necessary, MaNaDr can deploy a homecare team to visit patients in their homes or arrange for ambulance transport to emergency departments. Additionally, patients can visit the MaNaDr Clinic at Citygate for further evaluation at no additional cost. We strive to ensure that no patient falls through the gaps in their care. 
  5. Easy Access to electronic health records (EHR) for continuing and follow-up care: Our platform enables patients to easily share their EHR with subsequent doctors, ensuring seamless continuity of care. This integration eliminates the challenges that arise when EHR systems operate independently. 

We take immense pride in the professionalism and expertise of our doctors, who strictly adhere to the guidelines and standards set by the Singapore Medical Council. We are committed to upholding the same quality and standard of care in our telemedicine consultations as in-person medical consultations. 

While we continue to learn and improve, we are grateful for the thousands of doctors who share our vision of providing affordable, quality, instant, and comprehensive care through MaNaDr’s platform and ecosystem. We are also grateful to the millions of patients who place their trust in us. 


Dr. SIAW Tung Yeng, PBM 
Dr Rachel Pui Pui TEOH, PBM Co-CEO of MANADR 
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