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Have you ever lost, misplaced a blood test result or other lab test results that you had done before? Have you ever forgotten to bring it with you to a doctor’s appointment if needed?

Using MaNaDr app, all these kinds of issues will be resolved. No more tedious management of paper results, no more lost results!

Lab test is often part of a routine checkup to look for changes in your health

What is the Lab Test?

A lab test is a medical procedure that involves the testing of a sample of blood, urine, or other bodily substance. It is carried out in a laboratory, which has the necessary equipment, supplies, and certified expertise.

Some diseases or conditions develop over time and have no symptoms. Lab testing may help patients identify these serious conditions early. In general, the earlier a medical condition is detected and diagnosed, the greater the likelihood of successful treatment.

Why choose Lab Test on MaNaDr

For patients


No one else will be able to see the results of your tests! We respect and value patients’ right to privacy and take it very seriously. Unless we are required by law to release results to someone else. Only our affiliated laboratory’s professional staff,  doctor, and patients will see their own results

A streamlined process

Patients will receive the detailed result from a doctor right into their smartphone as well as a doctor’s consultation for their conditions based on the test results.

Allowing patients to monitor results graphically. If needed, they can have a follow-up consultation at the clinic or a session of “Chat consult” or “Video consult” within MaNaDr.


Patients can get their report much quicker and are informed and reminded to read their results when the results are available on their phone

Patients can carry their medical reports wherever they go, are able to show the results to their attending doctors if requested or necessary

For doctors

A streamlined process

Receive patient results when it is available from the lab, allowing doctors to make faster decisions hence enhancing your patient care

Release the results together with doctor opinions to their patients after doctors have reviewed them.

Recommend patients for a follow-up consultation at a clinic that doctors are working for or a session of “Chat consult” or “Video consult” within MaNaDr


Doctors are protected as their patients are informed of the results together with your opinions and MaNaDr will inform doctors if their patients have viewed the results.


View patient’s results past and present and monitor the trend for their health markers graphically

Lost and misplaced results are a thing of the past!

Access the lab test results anytime, anywhere and at your fingertips
Access the lab test results anytime, anywhere, and at your fingertips

How to prepare for a Lab Test

For any type of lab test, patients should prepare for it by:

  • Following all the instructions given by the health care provider
  • Informing your provider or laboratory professional if you did not follow these instructions precisely. It is critical to be truthful. Even minor deviations from the instructions can have a significant impact on your results. Some medications, for example, raise or lower blood sugar levels. Taking them too close to a blood sugar test may have an impact on your results.
  • Tell your healthcare provider about any medications, vitamins, or supplements you are taking
  • One of the most common lab test preparations is fasting. Fasting means not eating or drinking anything other than water for several hours or overnight before your test. Because nutrients and ingredients in the food are absorbed in the bloodstream, this is done. Certain blood test results may be affected as a result of this.

Taking these steps can help ensure your results will be accurate and reliable.

How does Lab Test work?

To request a lab test, patients need to consult with a doctor first. To consult a doctor, patients need to make a Tele-consult or an appointment booking for a clinic visit.

Doctors will direct you to one of the laboratories which are the partners of MaNaDr. They have certified laboratories by highly skilled specialists with an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge methodologies and developments in regulations.

When the results are ready, the laboratories will send them to the doctors, and patients will receive a detailed report from the doctor right on their smartphone after that as well as a doctor’s advice for their conditions.

If needed, they can have a follow-up consultation at the clinic or a session of “Chat consult” or “Video consult” within MaNaDr

lab test on MaNaDr app
MaNadr delivers the test results conducted by the laboratory right into your smartphone

Download ManaDr for patient at:

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