Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Jeremiah Pereira2022-10-25
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Sexually transmitted infections can be acquired and spread through sexual activity. You should not rely on signs and symptoms to determine if you are infected because they may not appear. Instead, you should engage in protected sex and get tested regularly.


The most effective way, other than abstinence, is to have protected intercourse using a condom or dental dam. If you are sexually active, it is important to have regular STI testing as early detection can reduce the risk of health complications. If you suspect that you may have been exposed, visit us at ManaDr @ City Gate to get tested as soon as possible.

Behavioral Risk Factors

Certain sexual behaviors predispose to the acquisition and transmission of STIs.

  1. New sex partner in the last 60 days
  2. Multiple sex partners
  3. Sex partner with multiple concurrent sex partners4. No or inconsistent use of protection outside of a mutually monogamous relationship
  4. Sexual contact with sex workers
  5. Anonymous sex
  6. Sex with concurrent use of alcohol and/or drugs

If you engage in these types of sexual behaviors, you may be at a higher risk of acquiring and transmitting an STI and should have more frequent STI screening tests.


There are certain tests you will routinely encounter during your STI screening tests. Some basic information about these tests can help to reduce the anxiety experienced during your testing. For transgender persons, STI and HIV risks may vary according to their current anatomy, use of hormones, and sexual behaviors. As such, you should visit a doctor for advice on the type and frequency of testing after a comprehensive sexual history assessment is taken.

About The Author

manadr Dr Jeremiah Pereira

Dr. Pereira studied at the National University of Singapore on a SingHealth Undergraduate Medicine Scholarship and graduated with their MBBS in 2018. They subsequently completed their MRCP (UK) and M.Med (Int Med) in 2021. Prior to joining ManaDr, they were part of the Singhealth Internal Medicine Programme. As part of their training, they rotated through and gained diverse experiences in various medical subspecialties. Their main area of interests are in sexual health as well as gender affirming care. Dr. Pereira strongly believes in providing inclusive and evidence based care to their patients.

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