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MaNaClub Reward Programme Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

    The MaNaClub Reward Programme ("Programme") is designed to recognize and reward the loyalty and engagement of users ("Users") of the MaNaDr Patient App ("App"). By participating in the Programme, Users can earn MaNaClub Points ("Points") through various eligible activities within the App. By participating in the Programme, Users acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

  2. Eligibility

    Participation in the Programme is exclusive to Users of the MaNaDr Patient App.

  3. Accrual of MaNaClub Points

    1. Accrual of Points: Users may accrue Points by engaging with the App through purchases and activities deemed eligible by MaNaDr. These include, but are not limited to, Teleconsultations, MaNaShop purchases, participation in MaNaForum, Prescription orders, and Clinic visit appointments.
    2. Points Accrual Rate Table The following table outlines the conversion rates for accruing MaNaClub Points across different currencies:
      CurrencyAmount SpentNo. of Points
      Note: Points are credited to the MaNaClub account upon the successful completion of an eligible transaction in accordance with the terms and conditions.
    3. Eligible Transactions: Only transactions completed within the App are eligible for earning Points. MaNaDr reserves the right to exclude specific categories of transactions or activities from earning Points at its discretion.

  4. Utilization of MaNaClub Points

    1. Redemption and Utilization: Users are empowered to redeem MaNaClub Points within the App for discounts on eligible services or products, subject to MaNaDr's established rules, regulations, and any applicable caps. A minimum threshold of 100 Points is required for the redemption of MaNaClub Points for discounts. Users are afforded the flexibility to defer the utilization of their MaNaClub Points until accumulating a higher balance beyond the initial threshold of 100 points.
      For every 10,000 MaNaClub Points accumulated, users can unlock the following redemption values across different currencies:
      CurrencyRedemption Value for Every 10,000 MaNaClub Points
    2. Points Balance and Expiry: Users are recommended to regularly check their MaNaClub account for updates on their points balance. MaNaClub Points expire at the end of the third month after they were earned, with the month of accrual counted as the first month. For example, points earned at any time in January 2024 will expire on 31st March 2024. It is crucial for Users to be aware of their points' expiry dates to ensure they are used before they become invalid.
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    4. Non-Monetary Value: Points are intended as a reward mechanism within the App and hold no monetary value outside of the App environment. They cannot be considered the property of the User and are not available for purchase, sale, transfer, or cash redemption.

  5. General Terms

    1. Modification and Termination: MaNaDr reserves the right to modify or terminate the Programme or its terms at any time, at its sole discretion. This includes the right to cancel or suspend a Users participation in the Programme, including but not limited to the ability to earn and redeem Points, without prior notice. By participating in the Programme, users agree to such modifications and acknowledge MaNaDr's authority to make these adjustments as necessary.
    2. Non-Transferability: Points are non-transferable and are awarded to the User's account tied to the Programme.
    3. Applicability: This Programme is applicable within the territories of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and the United States. Participation in the Programme, including the accrual of Points, is limited to transactions and activities undertaken within these specified jurisdictions.
    4. Compliance: Participants agree to comply with all pertinent local laws and regulations concerning participation in the Programme.
    5. Data Privacy: Participation in the Programme implies consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with MaNaDr's Privacy Policy.