FAQs about Home Recovery

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[With effect from 10 Oct 2021]

Home Recovery

General Information on Home Recovery

Who is eligible for Home Recovery?

This information is for individuals who:

  • Have tested positive for COVID-19 via a PCR test
  • Are placed on Home Recovery Programme (HRP) by default.
  • Have indicated no severe medical conditions when they filled up the form in their Isolation Order (IO) SMS.

From Oct 10, HRP is the default care arrangement for everyone, except for the following:

  • Partially or unvaccinated individuals aged 50 years and older;
  • Vaccinated persons 80 years and older;
  • Children aged less than 1 year, and children aged 1 to 4 years who have been assessed to be clinically unsuitable for home recovery.

For elderly aged 70-79, they are only on Home Recovery by default from 16 Oct

If you are not eligible for HRP, you will receive a call from MOH to schedule your transfer to an appropriate care facility.

If you are not suitable for Home Recovery but wish to be on the programme, you may put in an appeal by calling 6874 4939.

Home Recovery

During Home Recovery

How will MOH check that I am isolated at home?

You will receive phone calls or location verification requests from the MOH monitoring team during your isolation period. For the safety of your household contacts and community, please strictly adhere to the Isolation Order.

How will my health be monitored during my home recovery?

You will be assigned a dedicated telemedicine provider or a participating GP  who will help in your home recovery journey. Telemedicine supports are available 24/7. 

Guidance timeline


Receive Isolation Order (IO) via SMS

  • Eligible Individuals will be on the Home Recovery Programme (HRP) by default. Your IO SMS will inform you if you are on the programme or not.
  • All COVID positive cases have to fill in a mandatory form linked in the SMS to,
  • Nominate your household contacts for a Health Risk Warning (HRW) and provide personal details and medical history

From your form response, if you do not meet certain criteria you may be taken out of HRP

DAY 2 – 9 

Receive a call from Home Recovery Buddy (HRB) for onboarding to HRP

No proactive call from Telemed Doctor. Instead, individuals should only call if necessary

Remain isolated

Minimize contact with your household members and do not leave your house for any purpose

Monitor your daily health

It is recommended to take note of your temperature, pulse rate, and blood oxygen saturation level every day

Noted: There is no need to report your readings online

Any medical issues?

Request a telemedical consultation from a telemedicine provider or a participating GP.

Any non-medical issues?

Speak to a Home Recovery Buddy (HRB) at 6874 4939.

Noted: No day 6 PCR test 

DAY 10-14

For fully vaccinated individuals, and children aged 12 years and below:

  • You will automatically be discharged on Day 10. No PCR test is required.
  • A discharge memo will be issued to you via SMS on the same day.

For partially vaccinated/ unvaccinated individuals above 12 years old:

  • You will automatically be discharged on Day 14. No PCR test is required.
  • A discharge memo will be issued to you via SMS on the same day.


I am on Home Recovery but I have not received a care pack. Who should I contact?

A care pack is only delivered to you if you do not have an oximeter at home. The most important item is the oximeter, which you will need to monitor the oxygen saturation level in your blood.

If you do not have an oximeter at home, you may call your Home Recovery Buddy at 6874 4939

What symptoms should I seek medical supports for during Home Recovery?

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact a telemedicine provider or a participating GP.

  • Fever
  • Acute respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache
  • Muscle ache or tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • If you have an oximeter, an SpO2 reading that stays in the range of 93% to 94% while you are at rest.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call 995 immediately:

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chest pains or pressures on your chest
  • Palpitations (if your heart is beating very fast or pounding)
  • If you have an oximeter, an SpO2 reading that stays below 92% despite multiple readings taken while you are at rest

Home Recovery

After Home Recovery

What to do after getting discharged?

After discharge, you can resume normal activities. Do continue to observe safe management measures.

If you feel unwell after discharge, you may visit any GP clinic of your choice.

You can show the end date of your original Isolation Order SMS as proof of recovery. If you have received a discharge memo, that can also be used as proof of recovery.

Please disinfect your room after you’re discharged. Here are useful links to guide you through the cleaning procedure:

About household members

A household member of mine is undergoing Home Recovery. Do I need to self-isolate?

If a member of your household is on Home Recovery, they will need to register you and your household members as close contacts.
Your household members will receive a Health Risk Warning (HRW).

Besides myself, my household members are also on the Home Recovery Programme (HRP). Can we be on the HRP together?

Yes, you and your household members can be on the Home Recovery Programme (HRP) together. However, those on HRP should isolate themselves from those who are not on HRP.

How should my household members manage daily necessities during my Home Recovery?

Your household members should try to order food or groceries that can be delivered to your home. To collect purchases from your main door, put on a mask and ensure there is no one outside before opening the main door.

Your household members should also handle items with these simple steps:
Always ensure no one is within the vicinity.
Put on a surgical mask.
Minimize contact with used items or bag them to prevent direct contact with used items.
Wash used items with soap and water immediately.
Double-bag trash securely to prevent leakage and dispose of them into the rubbish chute immediately.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after handling items from your household member who is recovering from COVID-19

About us

MaNaDr is one of the Telemedicine Providers under the Home Recovery Programme by MOH, Singapore.

If you feel unwell during your home recovery, do consult our Doctors via the app. All these Teleconsultations are fully supported by MOH, Singapore. Teleconsultation will be conducted via “MaNadr For Patient” app

Source: Singapore Ministry of Health

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