MaNaCare: Bring You Affordable Employee Health Benefits

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Do you struggle to manage your employee’s health benefits? Do you wonder if providing healthcare benefits may be costly, especially if you operate a small business?

By using MaNaCare, we assure you that these types of problems will be resolved properly and that you will be able to find the right balance for your organization while also increasing job satisfaction too.

employee health benefits are important
Strong medical benefits keep a workforce healthy and increase overall productivity.

Why are employee health benefits important?

Help attract and retain employees

As an employer, you understand the importance of offering competitive salaries in order to attract the best employees. Employee benefits, on the other hand, are more important than you think. According to research  2016 Aflac Workforce Report, employers who provide a suitable benefits package attract more applicants than those who do not.

Increase productivity

Workplace stress can negatively affect physical health, causing absenteeism or spreading germs in the office, while also decreasing efficiency. Strong medical benefits help to keep a workforce healthy and increase overall productivity.

Safeguard your most valuable asset: your employees

Employee health benefits do exactly that: they protect your workforce, allowing you (and your employees) to focus on growing the business without worrying about what might happen if something goes wrong.

What is MaNaCare?

MaNaCare is an employee benefits platform that helps companies take care of their employees in a convenient way.

It is a digital ecosystem that enables cashless claims, real-time data on benefits usage, and controlled spending, and makes it easier for employees to locate the care they need.

The only platform you’ll need to manage employee medical benefits.

What benefits can MaNaCare bring to your team?

manacare benefits corporate healthcare

Cashless payment

Employees no longer need to pay upfront out of their own pockets; instead, they can make a convenient payment using their MaNa credits which eliminates the need for employees to submit claims and wait for reimbursement.

Cost-saving & Connect directly to healthcare providers

Unlike traditional employee benefit models, MaNaCare enables you to work directly with healthcare providers rather than through third-party intermediaries such as insurance agents, large insurance companies, and third-party administrators. As a result, you can save money on employee healthcare from start to finish while also increasing employee job satisfaction.

More control over your costs

Allowing employers to set aside a budget per employee has aided not only in cost control but also in cash flow retention.

Insightful reporting & analytics

Our dashboard displays key performance metrics such as activation, usage, program savings, and so on. Data integration allows you to dig into employee behavior and savings strategies.

Digital Storage

Easy organization of documents via the dashboard.

Time-saving with the online claim process

In case, the MaNa credits are not enough in their account and need to pay out of your pocket, the claim process is also simple. Forget about manual claim paper forms, with online claim submission on MaNaCare, employees just need to upload invoices and get reimbursed easily.

HRs can also make better use of their time by automating health claims processes.

Features on MaNaCare

Enjoy next-level employee benefits with MaNaCare. Automated, affordable & accessible benefits all in one place. Here are some features you can enjoy with the MaNaCare app:

Providers island wide

Find a clinic nearest to you from over 600 GP clinics in Singapore.

Register with ease

Physical ID cards will be a thing of the past. Registering is as simple as scanning a QR code.

MaNaCare E-Wallet

Pay for services by using the MaNa credits allocated to your e-wallet.

E-Claims process

Submitting a claim has never been easier. All you need to provide the necessary information and upload a photo of your receipt.

Simplify the benefits experience to make it easier to use, support, and update health benefits.

Onboarding with MaNaCare

Our customer support team will provide all the necessary assistance & resources for a smooth onboarding.

HR Dashboard

Upload employee records quickly.

Assign credits.

MaNaCare App

Login using the employee’s mobile number.

Onboarding for HR & Employees

The team will be provided with training sessions & materials to get started.

Continuous Support

Get round-the-clock support from our professional customer care service team.

Top questions about MaNaCare

How can I register MaNaCare?

If you are an employer, please contact our customer support team at hotline +65 97402558 or at the email address We will guide you through each step of the onboarding process

  • MaNaCare Registration Form
  • Annual HR Budget
  • Select MaNaCare Plan
  • MaNaCare Onboarding

If you are an employee, please ask your HR to obtain a login account.

I’m an employee. How can I claim my spending?

If your MaNa credits have run out and you paid for the healthcare service out of pocket, you can file a claim with HR by following this simple procedure:

  • Press the ‘Submit claim’ button.
  • Enter the required information and upload a photo of the bill.

That’s it!

How can I find the nearest clinic?

Employees can search for the nearest clinic by just on tap on the ‘Locate GP’ button.

What is different between MaNaCare and Employee Benefits Insurance and Manual Claims?

Compare employee medical benefits for SMEs - MaNaCare

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