COVID-19: Important Phone Numbers and Links

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New streamlined protocols take effect from 11 Oct 2021 by the Ministry of Health Singapore due to the COVID-19 spread. Here are the important phone numbers and links you may need if you are under a Home Recovery, or if you have received a Health Risk Warning.



For Home Recovery

For medical assistance, contact the GP who conducted your test if the clinic is participating in HRP. Otherwise, you can request a telemedicine provider at this link.

For non-medical assistance, speak to a Home Recovery Buddy (HRB) at 6874 4939

If you do not have an oximeter at home, you may call your Home Recovery Buddy at 6874 4939

You should receive an SMS within 48 hours of your positive test result on HealthHub to inform you of your Isolation Order (IO). If you do not receive an SMS within 48 hours, please fill in this form.

Here are useful links to guide you through the cleaning procedure:

Read more FAQs for Home Recovery at:

Health Risk Warning (HRW)

MOH will no longer issue Quarantine Orders. Instead, MOH will issue a revised Health Risk Warning (HRW) to close contacts of COVID cases, including their household members

When you receive an HRW, you need to do the following immediate action:

  • Acknowledge your HRW by clicking on this link.
  • You are legally required to take an ART self-test within 24 hours and self-isolate immediately until you test negative.
  • Submit your result at this link. Only the first ART result needs to be submitted online.

People who received a COVID-19 health risk warning (HRW) via SMS can collect antigen rapid test (ART) kits from a nearby vending machine. For locations of these vending machines, click here.

If you develop symptoms, go to a Swab and Send Home (SASH) clinic, where the doctor will assess and advise you on your next steps.

Read more FAQs for Health Risk Warning (HRW) at:

For Medical Practitioners that Are Unable to Get Through to the CMTG Hotline

With a higher number of COVID-positive cases, some clinics may occasionally face difficulties getting through to the CMTG hotline. If your clinic has extended difficulty getting through to the CMTG hotline, you may also email with:

  • The full details of the patient that requires conveyance (both ART positive and/or COVID-19 PCR positive patients)
  • And the primary contact details of your clinic, as CMTG may need to contact you for further information/ advice

About us

MaNaDr is one of the Telemedicine Providers under the Home Recovery Programme by MOH, Singapore.

If you feel unwell during your home recovery, do consult our Doctors via the app. All these Teleconsultations are fully supported by MOH, Singapore. Teleconsultation will be conducted via the MaNadr app


Reference: Singapore Ministry of Health


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