How To Use MaNaDr Coupon Codes?

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What is a MaNaDr coupon code?

A coupon code is a special series of characters used on the MaNaDr website and app for patients to get a discounted price or limited offer on an order. 

How to use a coupon code?

Step 1: Connect to our App

Download the “MaNaDr for Patient” app. Create a new account or log in to your account.


Step 2: Choose your products/services

Add products/services to your cart and proceed to the checkout procedure.


Step 3: Apply coupon code

At the checkout, in the coupon fields, click or tap on the View all button then enter your unique code to apply the discount to the product/service you selected.

Read the description of a coupon code carefully and make sure it is valid and you are eligible to apply.


Step 4: Finish your payment

Finish your payment with your coupon code and enjoy our service/product.


What services can I apply coupon codes to?

Based on the different types of coupon codes, the following MaNaDr services are applicable:

FAQs about coupon code

Can I use the coupon code after the time has expired?

No. A coupon code is only used for a valid duration.

Can a coupon code be applied more than once?

It depends on different coupon codes.

What are current offers from MaNaDr? 

Our current offers are DBS Bank and Etiqa.

Can I exchange a coupon code for money?

No. A coupon code is applied to discount MaNaDr products/services when you are eligible.


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