FAQs about Health Risk Alert (HRA)

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If you have had a possible exposure to a COVID-19 case, you will receive a Health Risk Alert (HRA) via SMS.
Source: Singapore Ministry of Health

1. What should you do if you receive a Health Risk Alert (HRA) SMS

  • Days 1, 3, 5 from last exposure: Perform a self-test using an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kit to determine if you are infected. If you do not have ART kits at home, you may collect them using your NRIC/FIN at the venues listed here. Please submit your ART results here or at https://go.gov.sg/hrw-hra-art
  • Please monitor your health and seek medical attention if unwell within the period of HRA
  • You are also strongly encouraged to come forward for a free swab test. Please click here for more details on how to get tested.

2. I have been to an affected area. Why didn’t I receive an HRW or HRA notification?

Although you have been to the affected location, it does not necessarily mean that you are at risk of infection as the period of your visit might not have overlapped with that of the COVID-19 case(s), according to SafeEntry records.

Nonetheless, we would advise you to monitor your health closely for 14 days from your last date of visit to the location. Please see a doctor immediately if you begin to feel unwell

3. How can I tell if the HRW or HRA notification is not a scam?

If you are placed under HRW or HRA, you will receive an SMS notification on the mobile phone that is registered to your TraceTogether App or TraceTogether Token. The notification should indicate the last 4 digits of your identification number

4. I received an HRA notification. Can I opt to get tested?

We strongly encourage you to get tested. Simply buy an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kit from a retail pharmacy and self-administer the test.

5. I didn’t receive an HRW or HRA notification. Can I still get tested?

We encourage anyone who is keen to get tested. Simply buy an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kit from a retail pharmacy and self-administer the test.

ART Test Results

What to do if your self-test result is positive:

  • Call the nearest SASH clinic listed on phpc.gov.sg to make an appointment. Check that they can provide a confirmatory PCR test.
  • Take a photo of your ART test result(s) with your identification document (ID) in the same photo immediately.
  • Put the used test kit into a plastic bag, seal it and dispose of it properly and wash your hands.
  • Bring (1) the photo of your results + ID together and (2) your physical ID (NRIC/Passport) to the clinic.
  • Travel to the clinic via private transport (car or taxi).
  • Sit alone in the back seat and on the opposite side of the driver. Wind down the windows (switch off air-conditioning) and wear a surgical mask throughout the ride.
  • If you ride a motorcycle, please ensure that you do not have a pillion rider. If you require a taxi, please do not take a street-hire taxi. Instead, book a taxi through:

    Taxi hotlines: Inform the operator that you are going for a PCR test at a SASH clinic

    Mobile apps of transport companies: Input “SHN” in the comment box or check the “SHN” checkbox (if available).

  • At the clinic, if your doctor informs you that you need a consultation, e.g. because of observed symptoms such as runny nose, mild fever, you have to comply with your doctor’s instructions.
  • After the confirmatory PCR test, please go home immediately via private transport (same arrangements as above), and self-isolate at home until you receive your negative PCR test results
    If you are unable to self-isolate at home, please inform your clinic before the swab.
  • Your doctor will generally inform you of your results within 24 to 48 hours. Alternatively, you may check your results via HealthHub

About us

MaNaDr is one of the Telemedicine Providers under Home Recovery Programme by MOH, Singapore.

If you feel unwell during your home recovery, do consult our Doctors via the app. All these Teleconsultations are free and fully supported by MOH, Singapore. Teleconsultation will be conducted via MaNadr app

Source: Singapore Ministry of Health

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