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How Your Sleep Habits Affect Weight Management

Sleep is an important factor in maintaining a healthy weight. Studies have shown that inadequate sleep can lead to increased calorie consumption, decreased energy expenditure, and hormonal changes that can affect your appetite. Poor sleep habits can also make it more difficult for you to stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise routine. In […]

MaNaDrJan 25, 2023

Healthy Eating For A Healthy Weight

The foods and beverages you consume are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. This article discusses how to make healthy meal choices to help you achieve your weight goal. The information presented here is based on the general population’s suggested healthy eating guidelines: • Consume a variety of foods. • Consume frequent meals. • Limit […]

MaNaDrJan 20, 2023

Common Weight Management Myths

The New Year has arrived and it would not be unimaginable for weight loss to be part of your resolutions list. Unfortunately, you might find it overwhelming with the plethora of information out there regarding weight management. Let’s look at 10 common myths about weight management and debunk them.  We have to eliminate all types […]

MaNaDrJan 11, 2023

Weight Management Clinics in Singapore

The trend toward healthy living was already on our radar, but it’s been more prominent in the last few years. Some key areas that most people care about are nutrition and physical activity, which are fundamental to a healthy weight. However, the modern lifestyle that we get used to has led to poor weight management […]

MaNaDrJan 05, 2023

Diet After Open Heart Surgery 101

Q: What are the three most important diet needs for post-heart surgery patients and do the needs of those differ i.e. open heart surgery patients/stenting patients? The three most important dietary needs would be to: There are no such differences in terms of dietary needs between open heart surgery and stenting patients. Both types of […]

MaNaDrNov 21, 2022